Saturday, May 22, 2010

Looking back

We're looking at our last week of homeschool for the year. We could keep going, but I think we've had a good run and the kids have learned a lot. For example . . .

Ethan has now mastered division and begun learning fractions. He can write a multi-paragraph story or report using an outline. His handwriting has improved greatly. His spelling has gone up a solid grade and a half. His drawing has improved. He has started learning how to inductively study the Bible. He's learned about the human body, drama, music, etiquette, being a peace-maker, and soccer in co-op. He's dabbled in the recorder and the piano. He's been learning Chinese.

Megan has breezed halfway through her multiplication book. She has started learning to write using outlines. She's learned cursive. Her spelling is off the charts (as is her reading). She's learned soccer, human body, pioneer days, Chinese characters, music and crafts in co-op. She's played piano. She's learning Chinese.

Together, we've made our way through American History. We've read lots of great books like Mr. Revere and I, and Carry On, Mr Bowditch. We've done lapbooks on Colonial Life and the American Revolution. We're cutting off the year at the Gold Rush. Next fall we'll pick it back up with the Civil War.

But most importantly, we've had a lot of time together. We've learned a lot about how to love each other better, how to be patient and kind to one another, how to lean on God for what we need each day. Another year of investment in my kids - it's been so worth it!