Saturday, November 21, 2009


When he was in high school, my brother got on this haiku kick. He wrote a lot of them. Here's one I remember:

Wind blows through the trees
It is blowing in the leaves
Preparation H

If you don't know my brother, well, you should. Because he's funny like that.

Friday is poetry day in our homeschool (at least in theory, if not always in practice) so I chose haiku this week. Thankfully I had other examples to present to the kids. I didn't have high hopes for our time because the kids generally gripe at writing (which kills me, the obsessive writer). But I was more than pleasantly surprised that not only did they write quickly and creatively, they enjoyed it! Ethan even did two. Here they are:

Spring (by Ethan)
Warm in my jacket
Snowmen melting in the sun
Goodbye to the snow

Summer (by Ethan)
Shining sun so hot
Hot sand and salty water
Good fun at the beach

The Rose (by Megan)
A beautiful rose
shiny and red, blooming bright
with velvet petals.

Not bad for first goes. At least they stuck to nature instead of medicating cream.