Friday, June 26, 2009

So this is what it would be like . . .

I just heard Megan's sweet voice on her way out the door, "Bye mom!" It's 8:06 a.m., and truth be told it's a late start for her. Usually she and Ethan and their friends are outside playing by 7 these days. Partly it's because they're all early risers, partly it's because the daytime highs here are in the upper 90's so they have to make the most of the cooler part of the day.

Yesterday the kids were out the door at 7:30. I saw them again at 4:30. They ate lunch at a friend's house and then she took them to the mall nearby for some play place and ice cream action. I was feeling a bit under the weather and I have to be around to check on the progress of our apartment painting, so I'm grateful for her ministry to me.

I've been reflecting that this is what it would feel like if they were in school. Out the door at 7 or 8, back home at 3 or 4. To be honest, I don't like it. Certainly I am thankful that they have loads of time with good friends, but I can see the impact of less time with me. In fact, one of the other moms and I made an agreement that the kids would have "quiet home time" every afternoon after lunch so that we actually get to see them! But also to have quality time with them. So we spend it reading good books and playing games (usually "Ticket to Ride" which is our favorite).

It's funny - I always have had a curiosity about what it would be like if my kids were in school. I thought I'd love the freedom, the alone time. I do of course, but I never realized how much I'd miss my kids!