Monday, April 5, 2010

The Home Stretch

Is it summer yet? I have to keep telling myself "no" because otherwise I would succumb to the temptation to call it good for the year. Probably the thing that keeps me from it is knowing that if I stopped doing school in the morning and let my kids enjoy the increasingly warm and beautiful days out in the courtyard, my neighbor (who homeschools her 5 kids) would kill me. If her kids look out the window and see that mine are outside, it's over for her.

The main reason for this sudden desire to quit is that I was gone a week for work. Coming back and jumping straight back into routine (when my husband simultaneously left on another trip) was tough. Not to mention the fact that the kids are both doing quite well in all subjects, especially Megan. Permit me a "brag on my kid" moment to tell you that I gave them another diagnostic spelling test the other day to see how they are doing, and she scored at the 7th grade level. Ethan was just a few months behind. Can you blame me for thinking they've learned enough this year?

But I've promised myself that I (we) will persevere for at least another eight weeks. I'm going to sit down today with the kids and make a list of goals for the rest of the year - how far they want to get in math, reading, writing, history, and handwriting - so that we can see the finish line.

Having said all that, my back really hurts today from an exercise injury yesterday. Can we play hooky?