Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kid's Picks - February

This week we picked up a book I brought back from the States called Rascal, by Sterling North. I have a suspicion that this is a classic - if nothing else, it isn't new! It was published in 1963 and appears to be a true story. But it's new to me, and the kids, and we're loving it.

Rascal is the story of a boy who finds a baby raccoon and raises it as a pet. Raccoons are intelligent and curious creatures, which is leading to all kinds of interesting adventures. Our favorite part so far was when Rascal was given his first sugar cube. In true raccoon fashion, he tried to meticulously wash his sugar cube in his milk. He didn't make that mistake twice! Ethan was greatly amused.

The chapters are a bit long, and the vocabulary is a challenge. I've given up trying to define new words for the kids (gosh, there are some words he uses that I'm a little uncertain on!) and am just letting them absorb it. I'm thankful that it's not dumbed down for them!

Reading about baby raccoons led to some impromptu online searches about how big they are, and how fast they grow. It's also fun that it takes place in Wisconsin, so close to where our family is from.